Hygienist Therapy

More than just scaling and polishing.

Our team of four qualified, experienced hygienists offers a full range of periodontal and gum therapies from routing scaling and polishing to more advanced non-surgical treatments to prevent and control gum disease.

They will educate on the best oral hygiene techniques for you and give advice to maintain good oral health and a healthy, attractive smile.

All Norfolk House hygienists are fully trained in the use of local anaesthetic and needleless pain relief to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is different. Your dentist and hygienist will assess your risk of gum disease and prescribe visits accordingly. However, on average, people tend to see the hygienist twice per year.
Bleeding gums is a sign of inflammation. Inflammation of the gums is usually caused by the accumulation of plaque and the body’s response to it. However, it can occasionally be a symptom of a systemic condition (eg diabetes, pregnancy) so always have bleeding gums checked out by a professional.
Studies have shown that a hygienist-recommended electric toothbrush will remove more debris than a manual toothbrush. However, this is only if you use it correctly, and our team of hygienists can educate you on this.
Extrinsic (surface) staining is caused by foods and drinks. It can be removed by certain toothpastes and tooth whitening. However, undoubtedly nothing beats a comprehensive visit to one of our hygienists.
Bacteria are the main cause of bad breath. The bacteria will be found in dental plaque, food debris and tartar. Smoking will definitely cause bad breath. Finally, a dry mouth caused by dehydration, medications and/or age can be a cause. Our hygienists will help you determine the source.

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A few reasons why we believe Norfolk House Dental Care is the dental practice for you.

  • Talented dentists – Over 100 years combined clinical experience.
  • Affordable health plans – We have a range of payment options for both adults and children, including the Norfolk House Dental Care Plan or Fee per Item.
  • Modern facilities – Latest dental equipment designed for the comfort and convenience of all our patients.
  • Nervous patients – Gentle sedation options available for anxious patients.

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