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A traditional remedy brought right up to date.

Dentures are removable artificial teeth that can be constructed from acrylic or metal material and are supported by the soft tissues or adjacent teeth. They can be used alongside bridges and implants to overcome the problems of missing teeth. Temporary dentures are often used as a solution to fill a gap which is ultimately filled by a bridge or implant

When patients have lost a number or all of their teeth, metal or plastic dentures can offer an expedient, adaptable and cost-effective solution for restoring function and aesthetics. In some cases we use dentures retained on underlying implants for a more stable and functional result.

  • Safe procedure and reliable results.

  • Experienced dentists.
  • Cost effective solution.
  • Natural looking.
  • Comfortable to wear.


Frequently Asked Questions

Partial Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and help restore your smile. A partial denture is used to fill the spaces which have been left by any missing teeth. A partial denture is an acrylic or chrome plate which has several false teeth attached.

The process of providing dentures consists of a number of appointments, each approximately two weeks apart, and usually takes between 8-10 weeks from start to finish.

Initially we will take dental impressions which allow us to plan your denture journey.

Further, more accurate, impressions will then be taken in addition to a  record of how you close your mouth. We will select the shade of the false teeth to match your existing teeth and create a natural look.

The penultimate stage is the ‘wax try-in’ which allows us to see how the final dentures will fit and look. This is the point where we can make any final changes if we need to. Assuming everything is fine, the lab processes the final denture ready for fitting.

At the beginning you will normally need to come back for small adjustments. We try not to alter the denture too much straight away as the mouth needs time to adjust.

You can sleep with dentures in, as many people do. However, it is not something we generally recommend. It is important to let the underlying tissue rest and regenerate through the night.

According to the instructions, it is recommended that they are removed and cleaned with a denture-cleaning tablet and then kept in water overnight. We also recommend brushing the underlying tissue gently which allows any dead cells in your gums to be removed and keeps the gums healthy.

Getting used to dentures for the first time can be quite difficult. Eating and talking with new dentures will require some patience and time. Your taste may be affected and can reduce the enjoyment of flavours. Sometimes you need to start off with softer foods and introduce chewy foods with practice. It is essential to have a healthy expectation of how much food you may be able to manage and it’s not always possible to eat all of the more chewy/tougher foods you did before.

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