Cosmetic Dentistry

Self-confidence starts with a smile.

Due to advances in materials and dental techniques, creating the perfect smile has become easier and more affordable. At Norfolk House we provide a full range of cosmetic treatments from simple teeth whitening to porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges and tooth coloured fillings.

Should you have any worries about the appearance of your teeth, mention it to your dentist and they will explain the benefits cosmetic dentistry offers. A natural-looking smile is now available in Gloucester.

  • Safe procedure and reliable results.

  • No surgery required.
  • Suitable for most ages and conditions.
  • Affordable.


Smile Makeover

Before and After Photos

Case 1 Dentist Naomi Alesbury - Composite Veneers - Before PhotoCase 1 Dentist Naomi Alesbury - Composite Veneers - After Photo

This patient disliked his gaps and had tooth surface loss and loss of overall tooth height from grinding. I closed the gaps using composite filling material and after only 4 weeks the black triangles between the teeth filled with healthy gum tissue. Although these teeth do look quite wide, the patient was thrilled with the result.

This case also incorporated something called the Dahl approach, where the natural function of bony remodelling is harnessed, allowing worn surfaces to be rebuilt and the bite to be re-established over time. A minimally invasive technique which I really enjoy using.

Photo courtesy of Dr Naomi Alesbury

Case 2 Dentist Naomi Alesbury - Bleach Bond - Before PhotoCase 2 Dentist Naomi Alesbury - Bleach Bond - After Photo

Internal external bleaching of non-vital tooth with an existing root canal treatment. This upper left central had been stained for years and this patient did not like to smile. This minimally invasive procedure and addition of composite to the fractured edges brought his smile back.

Photo courtesy of Dr Naomi Alesbury


Frequently Asked Questions

To be honest, everything in modern dentistry has a cosmetic focus. Whether that is white fillings, bonding and contouring, tooth whitening, dentures, orthodontics, implants, and crown and bridgework, these are all available at Norfolk House.
In the right hands with the right planning all dentistry is safe. All clinicians at Norfolk House believe strongly in minimally-invasive dentistry.

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A few reasons why we believe Norfolk House Dental Care is the dental practice for you.

  • Talented dentists – Over 100 years combined clinical experience.
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  • Nervous patients – Gentle sedation options available for anxious patients.

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